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About the Timeline Project

The Cienega Watershed Timeline traces the Cienega Watershed history through interactive features that allow you to explore specific events and periods of time for this important watershed in Southeastern Arizona. Searchable categories include local history and prehistory, animals, plants, land uses, land forms, policies and legislation, climate and weather, and water along with people and cultures that have contributed to the watershed history. At the bottom of the timeline for those periods in which climate data is available, you will find climate information displayed for each decade or year that you select.

The Project began in 2012 when a group of 30 individuals offered their experiences and knowledge through a shared history exercise (available on YouTube at xxx). The original shared history goals were to identify the recent work and attempts to sustain the watershed with the need to establish trends and changes that can frame our current understanding in order to manage watershed lands and to resolve issues.

In 2013, Agricultural Research Services in Tucson (ARS) offered expertise and hosting to develop an interactive timeline. ARS remains a vital partner. The Project is now managed by a Work Group under the umbrella of the Cienega Watershed Partnership (www.cienega.org). Work Group members represent ARS, the Cienega Watershed Partnership, The Nature Conservancy, Vail Preservation Society, Colossal Cave Mountain Park, US Fish and Wildlife Service, University of Arizona, and the Empire Ranch Foundation.

The timeline is a work in progress and will change as new information or participating members add events. Entries may be researched using categories, tags or key words. Unless common knowledge, each entry has been verified and sourced by the Project Work Group members. References include books, maps, websites and other forms of communication, providing a start for anyone interested in Cienega Watershed history. As the Project proceeds, the Work Group will add bibliographies, maps and images to this site.

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Want to know more? Contact the work group at timeline@cienega.org

To participate in the Project Work Group or to donate funds and materials to the current project, contact timeline@cienega.org.