The Cienega Watershed Partnership facilitates cooperative actions that steward the natural and cultural resources of the Cienega Watershed while enabling sustainable human use.

Cienega means ‘wetlands’. In a desert landscape where most riparian areas are threatened, we work to preserve the Cienega Creek watershed into perpetuity.

Our mission is to keep this cool desert respite – a home for significant natural and cultural resources – as a legacy for our children and their children. CWP works with all stakeholders who can impact the sustainability of the ecosytems.

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What does the work of the

Cienega Watershed Partnership look like?

Living in the Cienega Watershed

Part of our mission statement is ‘enabling sustainable human use’ of the watershed. We endeavor to provide information about efforts of sustainable living in the Cienega Watershed in this section.

A great place for updates about local efforts in the watershed is the CWP’s newsletter. Several back issues are in the library.

The 2014 Monsoon issue features stories about the importance of shallow groundwater to the watershed’s riparian system.

CC 2014 Monsoon_Water Issue

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